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Oct 11, 2017

Eminem’s freestyle video which played at the BET Hip Hop Awards on Thursday is trending on Twitter, YouTube and being passed through Facebook feeds like by like. Not since Nixon lost Cronkite – and Middle America in the process – has a public figure issued such a potentially forceful rallying cry against the abuses of a sitting President.

The setting for the “The Storm” is a garage in Detroit. Eminem, outfitted in a dark hoodie, encircl

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Feb 18, 2017
Feb 2, 2017
Dec 8, 2016

“Popped”, a collection of pop and new age music from the editors of Hsquared Magazine.

Images: Screenshot “GALLERYS”. Boy George Official. N. p., 820. Web. 8 Dec. 2016, Images: Boy George by Dean Stockings. All rights reserved Boy George UK.

Album Art:<

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Dec 7, 2016
Nov 26, 2016
Nov 11, 2016

Image: Corona typewriter used by H. L. Mencken, H. L. Mencken Collection – Enoch Pratt Free Library

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Nov 7, 2016
Sep 4, 2016

Thomas Clarence Ashley was an American singer and banjoist who helped popularize the Appalachian sound. In the following video, Mr. Ashley speaks to a reporter of the effort by New York music producers to bring the Appalachian sound to a larger audience by bringing the Appalachian artists to New York to record. 

Ashley says: “They was lookin’ for something and

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Aug 15, 2016