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By DonkeyHotey (Chris Christie - Caricature)
Following a government shutdown ordered by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, a photographer for the Star-Ledger captured the governor sunning on New Jersey's closed beaches. Social media took over from there.
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New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie has never been a man held in high esteem for his ability to regulate his disdain for the opinion of the New Jersey residents whom he serves.

In 2010, at a town hall meeting to discuss caps on property taxes, Governor Christie became engaged in an exchange between a New Jersey school teacher and librarian. He told the teacher she had entered education “knowing what the pay was” and to a librarian who had commented that a third of the library’s budget had been cut, he replied, “The State of New Jersey doesn’t print money.”

In 2012, at another public forum, he referred to a Navy Seal as “an idiot”.

In 2013, when challenged by a school teacher who had asked why the Governor had continued to portray New Jersey’s teachers and schools as failing, Christie became angry, pointed his finger in the face of the teacher and responded, “I am tired of you people. What do you want?” (At the time, Christie had initiated $1.6 billion in budget cuts to New Jersey’s educational  system and $2 billion in corporate tax breaks.)

Later in 2013, the Governor’s administration became embroiled in federal investigations after reports surfaced that Governor Christie had ordered the closure of the George Washington Bridge in retaliation against Fort Lee’s mayor, who had failed to publicly endorse Christie’s second term as Governor. Four members of Governor Christie’s administration pled guilty or accepted plea deals in relation to the charges brought by Paul J….

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