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Harvey Weinstein has been terminated from the board of The Weinstein Company following an October 5, 2017 article by The New York Times concerning his sexual abuse against women.
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In a 2015 Daily Mail interview, Leslie-Anne Down, speaking on the topic of the casting couch said that during the 1970s she was forced to act in movies she didn’t like because she had refused better roles due to “lecherous men, studio executives, producers, directors. There was a lot of running away and hiding under tables. They made everything uncomfortable.”

Fifty-three years following the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, forty-seven years following Ms. Down’s experience in Hollywood and twenty-six years following Anita’s Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas, a group of Hollywood actresses and reporters are speaking out against the sexual abuses committed against them by Harvey Weinstein, founder of Miramax and co-chairman of The Weinstein Company.

An October 5, 2017 article in The New York Times recounts many stories of women who subjected to Mr. Weinstein’s sexual advances. The New York Times reports “dozens of Mr. Weinstein’s former and current employees, from assistants to top executives, said they knew of inappropriate conduct while they worked for him.”

The New York Times article quotes Ashley Judd as saying that following an invitation by Mr. Weinstein for the actress to join him at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for a breakfast meeting, Mr. Weinstein appeared in a bathrobe and asked her for a massage. He did the same to Emily Nestor, a “temporary employee”  who stated that Mr. Weinstein implied he “would boost her career” if she agreed to his requests. The stories described in the…


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