Id just like to thank you for taking hold of the last four years of my life and raising my hopes for the future. Id like to thank you for giving me clothes when I needed them and food when I needed it and for fucking my brains out when my brains needed fucking. I hope that the time we spend in the Quarters with my family sleeping neerby quietly ignoring what you proceeded to do to me–what, rather I proceeded to do to you–ws worthwhile for you, that you got the stimulation you o needed, Because not That Im Free of that poison you call Life, that stringy, sour, white strand you called Sacred and me savior, that peculiar insinuation we engaged in because there was no other foreseeable alternative, I am LOST.

Before, when there was a before, an upon a time I was a blank space defined in contrast to you POSITIVE, concreate avowal. now, a blank space in the void and I have to thank you for forgetting to stick your neck out for me after I craned my neck so often in your arms.

Dear you duplicitous idiot, Worm,

NOw that youve forgotten how you like your coffee and why you raised your pious fist to the sky, and the reason for your stunning African Art collection, and the war we fought together, and the promises you made and the laws we rewrote, I am left here alone to create My WHOLE HISTORY without benefit of you., my complement, my enemy, my oppressor, my Love.


Kara WalkerMy Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love
Editors, writers and members of the Fraternal Order of the Leather Apron Club.