Employees, former employees, scientists and experts in fields of government have created ‘rogue’ Twitter accounts in defiance of President Donald J. Trump’s attempts at censorship of information government offices traditionally release to U.S. citizens.

A few of these accounts have taken to releasing information the administrators of the accounts fear will be lost to President Trump’s devaluing of information (such as ordering previously available information pulled from government sites.)

While it is true that one can never be sure these accounts are managed by employees (former or current) of governmental agencies, many of the accounts maintain an active Twitter presence and do release reports, data and perspective separate from that of President Trump’s understanding of government and its function.


The Executive Office :

The CDC :

The NSA :

The EPA :

The FDA :

The National Institute of Health (NHI) :

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration :

U.S. Department of Agriculture :

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