…  Alabama’s Court of the Judiciary has suspended Judge Armstead Lester Hayes III, a municipal court judge of Montgomery, following a complaint filed November 17, 2016 by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission.

The commission’s complaint outlined numerous violations, including Judge Hayes sentencing traffic offenders to jail for their inability to pay court costs or fines; the Judge not having made efforts to determine reasons for a defendant’s inability to pay; the Judge not having demonstrated he had considered alternatives to jail; and, the judge sentencing defendants to probation for their failure to pay fines or fees.

The complaint further alleged that Judge Hayes referred defendants to Judicial Corrections Services, a private probation company.

Judicial Corrections Services, registered as a LLC in Delaware in 2001, advertises its services as offering “comprehensive solution to recidivism”, as having the highest success rate “in the industry”, and, as offering a range of probationary services to courts.

The commission found that Judicial Corrections Services acted as a service to “monitor defendants solely in connection with the collection of fines and costs.”

Judge Hayes was suspended without pay for 11 months, credited with time served during an interim suspension, will be able to return to the bench in October 2017, and must pay $4,312.82 for the cost of the proceedings.

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