In a tweet dated December 2, 2016, Breibart called for a boycott of Kellogg Company products utilizing the hashtag “dump Kelloggs.” 

The editors of Hsquared Magazine do not wish to contribute to the spread of the campaign, so we have not included the tweet or Breibart URLs.

The editors are appreciative of Kellogg’s decision to pull advertising from the news, and would ask corporate officers and  advertisers to consider a review of the types of sites their organizations support.

But, in the meantime, the editors remember Kellogg, and we remember the mornings our mothers and fathers rushed us out the door, as we turned to place the bowl in the sink on our way out.

We were a bit angered that a news site, with direct connections to a president-elect, would call for such a campaign. It seems intimidating, and it didn’t sit well with us.

And then we realized, the power is in words spoken, and the action in reply.

So, for Kelloggs, Hsquared Magazine offers the hashtag #G-R-REATKellogg.

We invite others to join or spread the campaign.




Editors, writers and members of the Fraternal Order of the Leather Apron Club.