The New York Times has reported Ben Carson is being considered as president-elect Donald Trump’s running mate. The reporting was based on the use of an anonymous source “close to the Trump transition”.

On the Use of Anonymous Sources

There are pointed and direct questions being asked of the “Trump transition” team, and no one reporter or paper seems to pin a direct answer to president-elect Trump, or his handlers.

The questions being raised in outlets throughout this country involve voter fraud; intimidation; racist staff picks; financial improprieties; the mix of personal and government business; use of “blind trusts” (and, as importantly, the details involving the proposed financial structure of such a  trust); use of Trump branded properties by dignitaries, and foreign politicians; the fact that Trump is proposing his son-in-law as U.S. representative to Israel because his son-in-law (“can bring peace”); and, now Ben Carson, surgeon and “author”, is floated to the consumer via an unknown transition team member.

From a professional perspective, these are complicated matters involving constitutional law, tax law, Federal and state law, affidavits, data science, and, layer upon layer of public information so that others (or, teams of others) might have a base from which to draw data, so that they might contribute to the reporting and analysis cause.

From a personal perspective, these times involve the safety and well-being of friends and neighbors from other shores, families who will soon be enjoying a true American holiday of thanks and gratitude; the livelihood of men, women, and children throughout the country (a coat of many colors) who are asking their representatives for a decent, livable wage and quality education for their children throughout the student’s academic life, ; who are asking for a break from small business taxes, so they too might build a life of growth; health insurance, so that the financial drain of illness does not devastate whatever resources these families have saved; and, childcare which is safe, clean and supportive, so that men and women can work to provide for themselves a lifestyle in keeping with their own beliefs of family, spirit, and tradition.

A paper of such national and international standing must understand “off the record” meetings, and quotes by unknown sources is counterproductive to truth.


Landler, Mark. 2016. “Donald Trump Close To Picking Ben Carson As Housing Secretary”. Nytimes.Com. Accessed November 23 2016.

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