On my way on the streets of New York, I met a woman who looked familiar. I had seen her on the streets for several days in a row, and could not shake where we might have met.

I also happen to pass Tim Gunn, an American fashion consultant, quite often – and, do so think to myself how lovely it is to have Mr. Gunn’s display of dignity grace our city’s streets.

Mr. Gunn was on the cover of a magazine recently, and our local newsstand clerk said Mr. Gunn was just the sweetest little thing on his stops by the stand in the morning (if only the stands could sell coffee.)

I’m just so lucky to have the stand there on the corner, because he always has just the item I need when I’m rushing my little ones off to school in the morning.  

Poor clerk. He was telling me how much he loved Thanksgiving in the city … his family immigrated.

He said his family was having chicken this year for the “American” Thanksgiving holiday dinner.

Good thing not all holidays are “Christmas” (merry or not) because isn’t that the sweetest idea … how the people in our city are spending their Thanksgiving holidays? If only we had a staff. Oh, I don’t know “#nycthanksyouimmigrants. 

Mr. Gunn reminds me of the Englishman of days past, and really – don’t most of us working girls (and, working moms) romanticize this city a bit – the fashion of it, the potential in it, the elegance of it all. 

I’m usually carrying backpacks, books, and pursues, so I’ve never taken the time convey a story I’ve heard of Mr. Gunn from around the water cooler, but I so do wish I could because the story is just lovely. 

Apparently, Mr. Gunn is very committed to empowering women to feel confident and secure in their own bodies. He has been working, working, and working to persuade fashion designers to consider designs in all shapes and sizes, because after that Oscar scandal, really! Were flames not flowing through your earrings? I don’t know about you gals, but I am a big Melissa Villaseñor fan, and just think she looked so beautiful that evening. 

Oh, well … back to my story. 

As I followed the woman whom I had seen earlier from the street – toy terrier in a pink cashmere sweater leading the way – I told her she looked familiar. 

She suggested I knew her from the building, but no … I was certain we had met somewhere else.

“No, no,, that can’t be it,” I said. 

The usual questions occurred, “what industry are you in?”, “do you have children?”, “what do they do?”  

You know how we moms are,  – always taking a moment to connect to our neighbors for the benefit of our children’s proper upbringing, or for finding an opportunity to connect women to other women in this city.

Well, it turns out! My neighbor has a son working in media.

In fact, he works for Fox news. He is such a lovely young man, apparently with an earnest heart. He is navigating a desire to be a journalist, combined with the realities of working in corporate media (that corporate media), and raising a family in New York. 

Any how … back to this gossip! 

Turns out some of the staff at Fox News (at least the staff members not happy about the outcome of the) went out the night of the election and got drunk.

Every darn one of ’em. So disillusioned as they were that he had won. 

“Oh, …” I said. 

“Does he feel he can report freely?” I asked. 

“He reports what he wants to! He’s a war correspondent!” – and, with a shake of the head, off she went. 

“You darn right. You tell him we thank him,” I yelled after her. 

As the elevator doors were just closing, she said, “Oh, it’s been tough.” I could see in her face that it probably had been … tough. 

None of us feel quite comfortable when one of our little ones’ are struggling with anything, now do we? 

While we’re on the subject of the silly election thing – the one in which a female president may have lost a presidential election due to fraud in North Carolina, and all of that nonsense? 

… has anyone given much thought to this whole “Trump” take-down, knock-out, beat ’em up and give ’em hell media thing? Scandal! Pure scandal! Were the women reporters scared? I’ll never know. 

What were those male editors and publishers thinking sending those female journalists into a room with that man?

I mean, they should know by now of Mr. Trump’s less savory nature. We all remember ‘The Great Meow Debate’ of the 2016 presidential election, don’t we?

It isn’t as if CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others were not on full alert about the danger occurring for female and minority reporters on assignment at Trump rallies, now is it?

You would think grown men should have known better.

More importantly, what were those organizations thinking? It’s not as if right now in this country, the LGBTQ community, women’s groups, children’s rights groups, immigrant groups, groups working to curb gun violence on city streets weren’t just a wee little scared about what the future holds for them, now is it?

If you ask us, a salute to a former German dictator at an event to congratulate Trump on his win is about as vile behavior as one could possible exhibit, but our safety is of some concern to someone isn’t it?

Which is why I’m just so tickled that we are professional women who understand reporting is about work, contracts, professionalism, security, rights, and the other.

An assignment for you while you’re hanging out around the water cooler

What exactly is the legal corporate standard for protecting journalists, and reporters … female or not in your organization?

I’ve tried to collect what I could research, but there are so many news organizations and broadcasters, and these issues are specific to each media group, is it not?

Personally, I’m just worried a newspaper (local or national) might send a reporter into a “Dr. Feely Hand’s” office with not a female nurse in sight.

We all remember the horror of how some of these things can turn out for female journalists and reporters. Remember how awful it felt to watch stories about female journalists being attacked in other countries, and then having to watch the footage of it all played over and over on our evening screens?

As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus used to say, “be careful out there”, but do also be aware.

Lovely, ladies. We’ll see you tomorrow.



Note to our New York Readers

We’re asking for you to consider supporting the Mayor and Governor of New York. The Mayor’s recent press conference was appropriately reflective on the issues the city will face under a Trump administration. The Mayor is asking that all immigrants obtain an IDNYC. He has assured the public the information will not be shared with the Federal government. He has also stated that if Federal funds are withheld from the city for positions he takes as Mayor, the city will ensure legal and health services. As #plannedparenthood is a needed partner to New York City’s healthcare options for women, there was some mention of the possible threat to Federal funding for the program.


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