In a powerful speech delivered in New York City’s Cooper Union meant to quell fears, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York has defined for New Yorkers his intent as Mayor of the City in the face of Federal laws which may stand in opposition to the city’s intent. The Mayor reminded listeners that the city is comprised of 8.5 million people, and reiterated his obligation to the citizens of New York.

Federal Law Versus State and City Law:
The Mayor stated that if there were orders for mass deportation, the city would file suit.

The Mayor stated the city would provide legal services for those immigrants currently living in fear. The Mayor stated that if Federal funding to the city or Planned Parenthood was cut because of his positions as Mayor, the City of New York would work to ensure women received the healthcare required.

The Mayor offered support of city services and police officers. He reminded New Yorkers, “We are all New Yorkers”, and reminded New Yorkers of the city’s history with societal changes and unrest.

Within minutes of the Mayor’s conference going live, #AlwaysNewYork began trending on Twitter.

The Mayor asked New Yorkers to sign-up for New York City’s ID Program and assured New Yorkers the information would “never” be turned over to the Federal government.



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