In a statement issued on November 15, 2016 by the FCC Chair Michael O’Rielly, Mr. O’Rielly called on FCC Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to postpone proposed regulations in the business data services market during President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition to the White House.

An advisory issued by the FCC in April 28, 2016, announced proposed regulations in the BDS market, and sought comment on a “framework to advance business competition”. The advisory referenced the FCC’s concern about data demonstrating “uneven” competition within the market.

In its request for comment, the FCC put forth its intent to replace “fragmented” and “outdated rules” within the market with a more “technology-neutral framework.”

An April 8, 2016 memo issued by Mr. Wheeler referenced a technology-neutral framework as one which identified differences “between products, places or customers”, and also iterated that services within the market should be regulated to the same legal standards.

An article in Ars Technica suggested the GOP pressure was driving Mr. O’Rielly’s statement, and noted a postponement of the regulations as having a potential negative impact to cable customers, who would be subject to increased fees, such as box-top rental fees.

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