Aaron Schock, a former Republican Congressman representing the 18th District of Illinois was indicted November 10, 2016 by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Central District of Illinois.

Mr. Schock was indicted on 24 felony counts, including theft against the federal government, wire fraud, falsifying Federal Election reports, and filing a fraudulent tax returns for periods 2010 through 2015.

Mr. Schock resigned his seat effective March 31, 2015 following the Red Walls Accord of 2015, an incident between Ben Terris, a Washington Post style reporter, and the Congressman’s office.

In February 2016, Mr. Terris reported on the decor of the Congressman’s office, and the Congressman’s growing concern over Mr. Terris’s description of the decor as inspired by the television series Downtown Abbey.

U.S. Attorney Jim Lewis alleges from 2008 through October 2015, Mr. Schock engaged in schemes “for his direct personal benefit and for the benefit of others”, and referenced the Red Wall Accord of 2015 in the basis of complaint. The DOJ maintains Mr. Schock submitted receipts totaling $25,000 for the services of the interior decorator to the House, in addition to engaging in various schemes involving automobiles and mileage reimbursements.

The counts carry maximum statutory penalties between three and twenty years.



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