Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette led a press conference today to announce charges filed against six officials in what has become known as the Flint water crisis. Joined by Special Counsel Tom Hood and Chief Investigator Andy Arena, the prosecutor’s office announced charges, which include willful misconduct and neglect, against Flint employees of the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Health and Human Services. Today’s filing brings the total number of Michigan officials charged in the crisis to nine.

When asked why officials would have manipulated or covered-up data in regard to the health crisis, Prosecutor Hood replied, “It’s clear. Can’t you see the lack of compassion and dusting off of this place?… the city of Flint?”

Hood referenced the case of a five-year old child whose development and growth had been severely compromised as a result of the lead poisonings, and, the cases of twelve residents who died as a result of contracting Legionnaires’ disease.

When asked why charges had not been filed against Governor Rick Snyder, Attorney General Schutte indicated that the prosecutor’s office would go where the information took the team.

The Detroit Free Press has published information on the backgrounds of officials charged.

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