The Xbox One S game console is available for pre-order from Microsoft and other retailers. In anticipation of the official release date of August 02, 2016, Microsoft has lowered the price of the Xbox One console to $299.00.

The Xbox One S unit has 2TB storage capacity,  is 40% smaller than previous Xbox unit and Xbox is releasing the new unit with a stand, so that the unit can be housed vertically or horizontally.

Microsoft is calling the unit the most advanced unit ever and is highlighting HDR (which will provide higher contrasts between light and dark images) and the unit’s IR blaster, which will allow the unit to control other devices in the home.

The Xbox One S will be available for $399.00.

Microsoft’s one-year change in stock is +23.49% and the company will open July 25, 2016 at $56.47 per share.

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