Rating System: On our four black-spade Likely to Cause Paranoia rating system, we’re giving Eye in the Sky ♠♠♠♠.

What we learned: We learned that female generals can be as cold and ruthless as the most sensitive, male doll-buying general. If anyone still dreams of a military equally balanced between male and female, there is – perhaps – still time to reconsider.

What the Film Asks Us to Consider: While most of the world would seemingly appreciate the opportunity to contemplate the life of a Kenyan child through images (albeit, a live feed from a militarized drone), who among us could actually fire upon the child’s merchant stand as she sells her staple?

Most Touching Scene: When Steve Watts (played by Aaron Paul) cries, he cries for those who would fire upon the child, and then decide the time right to turn the matter over to God.

The Setting: Kenya, but who are we kidding? At this point, it’s pin the donkey. Terrorism has infected the world.

The Villain: The British government attorney who witnesses a colonel (Mirren) coerce a soldier into altering report data is as good a candidate as any.

Cast Member Likely to Assume the Jason Bourne role when Matt Damon Retires: Barkhad Abdi

Breakout Role: The bug flying camera.


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