We discovered Deep in the Long Grass, a 2015 album release by recording artist Hugo.

We’re still here twenty some odd hours later, so there must be something within the music that we’ve yet to resolve for ourselves. So, until we do, we offer you the video and audio for Tug and Twitch, the first single on the album.

We’ve also added a task to our bucket wish list and a task to our to-do’s: This album has serious roots in bluegrass rhythm and blues, so we searched for album reviews. We could find none. This does not sit well with us.

As a result, our bucket wish list is to create an ultimate Bluegrass playlist; and, our task is to determine how it is that Hsquared Magazine has yet to find one published review of this album in a major publication.

After watching the video and some twenty odd hours later listening to the album on Spotify, we’re curious about how the video was produced and we’re curious about the perspective of the narrator of Tug and Twitch … at times, it seems, he feels the tug; and, at times – it seems – he may be the one responsible for the twitch.

Perhaps, a reader can offer his or her comment to the question.

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