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Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not realize law exists which confirms Hawaii as a state within the United States of America. Neither does Mr. Sessions seem to hold knowledge of a law which acknowledges the U.S. government's participation in a coup against the monarchy of Hawaii. As they say, "one government's coup, is another pacific island's statehood."
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in apparent frustration with a March 15, 2017 ruling by Federal Judge Derrick K. Watson’s “‘granting a temporary restraining order” against the U.S. government, has determined Hawaii no more than a mere island in the Pacific. (For interested readers, eight islands actually comprise the great state of Hawaii.)

CNN first reported on the existence of a radio interview between Mr. Sessions and radio host  Mark Levin, in which the attorney general was recorded as saying, “I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and Constitutional power.”

There is infinite possibility for irony in the Attorney General’s comments, but were one looking for a starting point look no further than November 23, 1993 when S.J. Res. 19 was entered as law by the 103rd Congress.

S.J. Res. 19 issued a formal apology to the state of Hawaii for the U.S. government’s participation in the overthrow of Hawaii’s monarchy. The resolution acknowledged on the “100th anniversary of the January 17, 1893 overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii” that “an offer of apology to Native Hawaiians” was warranted “for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii.”

So, while Mr. Sessions may wish Hawaii were not a state, and while the Attorney General may argue to his base against the right of a federal judge from the aloha spirit state maintaining…


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Alexander Hamilton's "Concerning Dangers from Dissensions Between the States", The Federalist Papers No. VI for the Independent Journal, November 1787.

“The causes of hostility among nations are innumerable. There are some which have a general and almost constant operation upon the collective bodies of society. Of this descriptions are the love of power or the desire or pre-eminence and dominion – the jealousy of power, or the desire of equality and safety. There are others which have a more circumscribed though an equally operative influence within their spheres. Such are the rivalships and competitions of commerce between commercial nations. And there are others, not less numerous than either of the former, which take their origin entirely in private passions; in the attachments, enmities, interests, hopes, and fears of leading individuals in the communities of which they are members. Men of this class, whether the favorites of a king or of a people, have in too many instances abused the confidence they possessed; and assuming the pretext of some public motive, have not scrupled to sacrifice the national tranquility to personal advantage or personal gratification.

The celebrated Pericles, in compliance with the resentment of a prostitute, at the expense of much of the blood and treasure of his Countrymen, attacked, by private pique against the Megarensians, another nation of Greece, or to avoid a prosecution with which he has threatened as an accomplice in a supposed theft of the statuary PHIDIAS, or to get rid of the accusations prepared to be brought against him for dissipating the funds of the State in the purchase of popularity, or from a combination of all these causes, was the…


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